Dockside Guest Quarters

August 16, 2012

More grounding photos

Grounded sailboat viewed from Dockside's lawn

Grounded sailboat viewed from Dockside's lawn

grounding 8-10-12

Grounded sailboat with Dockside in the background

When the tide came in the boat floated and sailed away, like nothing ever happened !

August 10, 2012


8-10-2012 013

Grounded boat in front of Dockside

Though there was not much of a view this morning with heavy fog settling in, plenty was to view from the Dockside grounds. What was planned to be a relaxing morning sail turned into a circus attraction for one unfortunate sailor who struck ground in his vessel early Friday morning. The boat will be leaning on its side for the next ten hours as it awaits the next high tide.

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