Dockside Guest Quarters

January 30, 2014

Erosion repair

Over the past three years strong coastal storms have taken their toll on the shoreline of the Dockside, creating substantial erosion. This winter while the ground is frozen we are repairing it with a heavy duty silt fabric and a stone berm.

Erosion repair in front of the Crows Nest

Erosion repair in front of the Crows Nest

January 14, 2014

Great lodging and dining packages for 2014 !

Once again we will be offering a great lodging and dining package. The rates will vary with time of year and type of room selected. They all come with a comfortable room with water view and great food. Even a complimentary River Cruise if the weather cooperates.
Check our web site for details.


January 8, 2014

Photo Contest winners!

We are please to announce the winners of our photo contest. We were fortunate to receive lots of great pictures for the contest from our guests. Well done and thank you to everyone that participated.

Congratulation to the winners ! These are truly exceptional photos !!

1st Place - John Ashe

1st Place - John Ashe

2nd Place- Anthony Reczek

2nd Place- Anthony Reczek

3rd place - Michelle Kollenda

3rd place - Michelle K.

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