Dockside Guest Quarters

February 19, 2014

More snow last night !

This last round of snow really left a beautiful scene.

Dockside flagpole in February !

Harbor view in February

July- Harbor view

Dockside flagpole in July!

Hard to believe this is the same place !

Not to fear summer will come, and all of the great things that go with it.

Think spring and book your  dinner and lodging package, today, a simple way for a Maine Escape and something to look forward to !

February 13, 2014

Summer is coming!!

Despite the recent (and current) weather, summer is coming – I promise !
Our off season office hours are 9am-3pm Monday – Thursday.

Book now and you will have sun, beaches, golf, kayaking and great restaurants to look forward to !

Dockside's entrance

Dockside's entrance

Distinctive dining and lodging overlooking York Harbor, Maine