historical sites in maine to see

12 Awesome Historical Sites in Maine to See

Whether you’re a history buff or just enjoy exploring when you visit a new place, there are numerous wonderful historical sites in Maine to see when you visit. Some of us enjoy lengthy educational tours while others of just like to walk the grounds of a site and imagine what life there might have been like. […]

Spring in Maine

Spring in Maine is Beautiful!

We may be somewhat biased, but here at Dockside Guest Quarters & Restaurant we think Maine is a pretty fantastic place to visit. During the month of May, the end of Spring in Maine brings the opportunity to enjoy yourself in the warmer weather among the blossoming landscape.  Winter in Maine can be harsh, and […]


Great Wedding Venues in York, Maine

Are you planning a New England wedding and want the perfect country venue that’s not too far away? There are numerous wedding venues in York, Maine that will offer you the dreamy coastal wedding you’re looking for, and in a coveted destination that is just far enough away. It is one hour driving from Boston, and only five […]