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November 28, 2011

Lighting Of The Nubble !

Lighting of the Nubble ,also know as Cape Neddick Light Station is the official start of the Christmas season in York.

Nubble Light is ready for the Holidays

Nubble Light is ready for the Holidays

Click here for more on this festive event.

October 31, 2011

Reservation Special

Make your reservation for 4 nights or longer and receive this year’s rates.
This special is good through the end of the year.
Winter office hours : Monday-Wednesday 9am-3pm

October surprise

The Guest Quarters finished up the 2011 season with yet another memorable storm. Most of New England received an unseasonable Nor’easter last Saturday night, knocking out power and dumping heavy wet snow. Along the immediate coast we didn’t have nearly the problems that interior areas still are recovering from. We did get 5 inches of snow and 40 mph gusts, more January like than October.

Here is a picture Sunday of the gazebo!!

October 4, 2011

3rd Generation Docksiders

Devin Battersby and Harrison Lusty

3rd generations managers on duty -Devin Battersby and Harrison Lusty

The Dockside has a wonderfully rich history after being in business for 55 years. A major part of this is the people that have worked here over the years. Check out these pictures of our 3rd generation “Docksiders”.

Devin - Harrison

Devin and Harrison in 1997 at the wedding of Harrison’s first baby sitter and former Dockside employee.

September 24, 2011

Transformers have come to Dockside !

When the fog lifted this morning we saw this “thing” in front of the Dockside.
There was much speculation as to what this was; boat, robot or spacecraft? Or even a “Transformer” from the recent movie. It turns out to actually be a movable drilling platform. This will be used to locate solid ledge in preparation to rebuild Sewall’s bridge here in York.
Sewall’s bridge is the wooden bridge that served as a detour when the Route 103 bridge was replaced last year.9-24-11 002

August 30, 2011


The Dockside has emerged from the dark ages and power has been restored. Goodbye Irene, and good riddance.

August 29, 2011

Good bye Irene !

Overall Irene didn’t really cause much damage at the Dockside. Lots of leaves and small branches down but no damage.
BUT – we have been out of power for over 24 hours now. Our guests have been more than understanding and have for the most part rolled with it.

The restaurant is closed until power is restored.

What a shame as the weather is absolutely beautiful !!

August 26, 2011

Beautiful Weather, Today and Tomorrow. Hurricane Irene Later!

Hurricane Irene won’t be here for a couple days, come and enjoy the Dockside Restaurant before  her visit Sunday Morning. The weather is just beautiful, blue skies and warm temps, the mid summer crowds have headed home, relax in the unhurried atmosphere.

pic_marina_aYork Harbor Marine Service is busy preparing for the storm, hauling boats, checking mooring lines and battening down the hatches. You can see all the activity from the restaurant…

July 22, 2011

Phone lines are down

Due to a delivery truck incident our phone lines are down at the moment. Our infamous local phone company, Fair Point, is supposedly coming to fix them. However, we have not seen them yet. If you need to get us a message please call our restaurant at 207-363-2722 and ask them to give us a message or send us an email ; Sorry for any inconvenience, we will get this repaired ASAP !

July 19, 2011

Select Registry Loyalty Program

Many of our guests find the Dockside through Select Registry. For the past 10 years there has been a Loyalty Rewards Program that was based on “stamps” collected at each inn. Starting this year there is a new program based on nights stayed and registering on line.
Please go to Select Registry Loyalty Program details  to find out all the details.
Anyone NOT familiar with Select Registry will find that this is a great way to find high quality inns all over North America, simply go to

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