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5 Famous Birds of Maine & How to Find Them

One of the Birds of MaineMaine does not only boast beautiful scenery, but also incredible wildlife. Some of the most popular Maine activities include looking for the different birds of Maine. From ducks and geese to chickadees and finches, this state has an abundance of birds that will delight even the most novice bird watchers.

5 Famous Birds of Maine

  1. Black-Capped Chickadee
    The Black-Capped Chickadee is not only the state bird of Maine, but it is also almost universally considered “cute.” With its tiny body, oversized round head, and natural curiosity, this adorable bird is love by many Maine natives. This chickadee can be identified by its long, narrow tail and short bill which is thicker than a warbler’s, but thinner than a finch’s. These birds are typically found in any area with trees or woody shrubs and frequently nest in birch or alder trees.
  2. Tufted Titmouse
    This little gray bird is known for it’s echoing voice and is common to eastern deciduous forests. Keep an eye out because these small birds love hanging around feeders. You can identify the tufted titmouse by their large black eyes, small, round bill, and brushy crest. While they are a smaller bird, they look much larger among a group of the other small birds. These birds often flock with chickadees, nuthatches, and woodpeckers when making their rounds to local feeders. They live in the most eastern woodlands below 2,000 feet elevation as well as backyards, parks, and orchards.
  3. Red-Breasted Nuthatch
    The best description of a red-breasted nuthatch would be that they are a ball of energy. These tiny, active birds are long-billed with short tails and like to travel through tree canopies with chickadees, kinglets, and woodpeckers. These songbirds live mainly in coniferous woods and mountains among spruce, fir, pine, hemlock, larch, and western red cedar trees.
  4. Common Redpoll
    This small, compact-bodied finch is as energetic as its electric zapping call notes sound. These birds are active foragers and can be identified by their small heads, small, pointed, seed-eating bills, and short tail with a small notch at the tip. They typically live in northern habitats and like to visit backyard bird feeders, especially during the winter.
  5. Gray Catbird
    As one of the easiest bird calls to master, the gray catbird has a catty mew that is hard to forget. These birds are relatives of mockingbirds and thrashers which is where their great vocal abilities come from. These birds are easily identified by their medium-sized, slender body with a long, rounded, black tail and narrow, straight bill. Gray catbirds live in dense tangles of shrubs, small trees, and vines.

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