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Everything You Should Know About Flag Hill Winery

flag hill winery

Craft, artisanal brews, wines, and spirits are an essential aspect of any thriving local economy. They embody the terroir and surrounding environment with each sip, communicating the life processes found naturally in the area. At Flag Hill Winery, you have the chance to experience through every sense the excellence the local bounty affords. And, if you’re a wino or love the distillery experience, you need to plan a trip out to Flag Hill Winery in Lee, New Hampshire. Here’s everything you’ll need to know before you go out!

The Flag Hill Winery Experience

Flag Hill Winery began its operations in 1990 as a family-operated vineyard and winery producing fine, local wine. The winery has experienced such great success over the past 25+ years that it now operates as a distillery, wedding venue, and catering service. The winery and vineyard produce six cold-hardy varietals such as Niagara, Marchal Foch, De Chaunac, Vignoles, Cayuga, and La Crescent. Working with these cold-adapted varietals gives the New Hampshire vineyard a solid footing in the New England winery scene, and allows them to produce great regional wine while working with the terrain. Every bottle of wine is crafted and produced on site, too, meaning the entire operation is a local venture. At the winery, you’ll see red wines aging in barrels for two years, and white wines aging for one. Whereas, fruit wines are bottled throughout the year and some seasonally.

You Need to Stop by the Distillery

In the year 2000, Flag Hill Winery began laying the groundwork for their distillery operation. Then, in 2004, the distillery dream came to life. First came the production of port wine, and then the popular General John Stark Vodka his the New Hampshire market. The vodka was such a success that is broke the sales record for the fastest new spirits product to achieve full distribution listing. Currently, the distillery offers General John Stark Vodka, Josiah Bartlett Barrel-Aged Apple Brandy, Karner Blue Gin, Flag Hill White Rum, Flag Hill Spice Rum, Graham’s Grappa, White Mountain Moonshine, Cranberry Liqueur, Blueberry Liqueur, Raspberry Liqueur, and Sugar Maple Liqueur.

How You Can Tour Flag Hill Winery

Flag Hill Winery offers tours through different segments of the year at a rate of $5 for adults 12+ years old; for 11 and under, there is no charge.

Winter Tours: Late January through early May on Saturdays and Sundays.

Spring/Summer/Fall Tours: Late May through late October on Saturdays and Sundays.

You can view their calendar for more specific information.

Take the Short Drive from York

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