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Mt. Agamenticus Has Some of the Best Hiking in Southern Maine

Hiking in southern Maine

Whether you’re here for a summer getaway or for your Fall trip, one of the most rewarding activities around is hiking. You’ll love the adventure you find hiking in southern Maine. One of the best places to hike in the region is Mt. Agamenticus! With multiple trails rated in difficulty from easy to hard, there’s a trail for every variety of hiker. So, pack your hiking gear or take a morning trip to Mt. Agamenticus. It’s home to some of the best hiking in southern Maine! Here are some great trails to hike.

Mt. Agamenticus Trails for Hiking in Southern Maine

Plan your trip hiking in southern Maine with this trail map.

Trails at the Base

  • Cedar Trail/Goosefoot is another moderate to difficult trail. With exposed bedrock with some steep portions, this half-mile trail is a good warm-up for some of the trails to the summit. Trivia: goosefoot is a small tree variety that commonly grows along the trail!
  • The Wintergreen Trail is has a moderate rating for its relatively easy slope and cooler temperature. Named after a common ground-floor plant, the Wintergreen Trail is just under a half-mile and is an easy way to the base of Mt. Agamenticus.
  • The Ring Trail is a moderate to difficult trail meant for both hiking and mountain biking. You’ll encounter a few rocky areas on the way up, and the eastern part of the trail is both steep and rocky. You’ll come across old ski runs and wander through a hardwood forest. The 1.5-mile trail should take you about 40 minutes.

Summit Trails

  • The Sweet Fern Trail is a difficult, quarter-mile trail with steep bedrock that becomes slippery in the rain. The trail used to be a ski run, but has since been taken back by nature, including the pleasantly scented sweet fern.
  • The Big A Trail is an easy one-mile trek that loops around the summit. It’s currently under construction, but typically would take about 20 minutes to complete!
  • The Witch Hazel Trail is a moderate-rated trail with a few rocks and features an old hemlock and uncommon-for-the-area chestnut oak. This trail is only a tenth of a mile long, so it’s just a quick jaunt.
  • The Blueberry Bluff Trail is as it sounds! The steep, difficult-rated trail is just over a quarter of a mile, but exposed bedrock and rocky portions make it more of a challenge. The rewards are gorgeous views of the ocean and nearby Pawtuckaway Mountain. Plus, you may just find some blueberries on your way up!
  • The Vulture’s View Trail is another difficult trail comprised of steep, exposed bedrock that becomes slippery in the rain. The hike is worth it if you’re capable, as gorgeous views reward you to the northwest. It’s one of the few local areas you can see Mount Washington, on a clear day.
  • The Fisher Trail is a short trail full of switchbacks to the summit. At just a quarter of a mile, you can expect a shaded trek thanks to the hemlock forest going up the mountain. This trail has a moderate rating and should take you about 10-15 minutes each way.

Plan Your Next Adventure to York, Maine

With all these trails just minutes away from beautiful York, ME, it’s easy to satisfy your adventure craving. Hiking in southern Maine is a fantastic way to make the most of the great outdoors near York. So, when you’re planning a trip to Maine, think of the amazing combination of Mt. Agamenticus, fantastic restaurants, and great things to do. Then, browse the beautiful and spacious rooms here at Dockside Guest Quarters. You’re going to love your visit here.