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Check Out the Kittery Trading Post of Maine

kittery trading post of mainIf you’re visiting Maine for the first time, or are a frequent vacationer here, chances are you’re a lover of outdoor activities, in which case you really can’t miss a chance to visit the Kittery Trading Post of Maine. Known throughout New England since 1938 for its extensive collection of outdoor recreational gear for all seasons, sports and people, the Kittery Trading Post of Maine is a playground for adventurers sure to make you giddy. Whether you’re shopping for something specific, or just like to browse the latest technologies or dig for deals, stop by this retail gem the next time you’re visiting the York area for a wonderful shopping experience!

About the Kittery Trading Post of Maine

You will find that the Kittery Trading Post of Maine carries a variety of gear for literally every outdoor activity you can imagine, and you are sure to even learn about some you didn’t even know existed when you visit the store! The top floor has all the outdoor gear and sport-specific apparel for everything from hiking and paddling to cycling and snowshoeing. This level of the store is also home to what is recognized as one of the most extensive shooting sports departments in all of New England. Head downstairs to see the huge selection of fishing and tackle accessories suitable for your next fishing trip, no matter where in the world you are headed!

The Kittery Trading Post of Maine is open Mondays through Saturdays from 9 am to 9 pm and Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm. There are also a number of services on-site which include the Frappe Shack, a seasonal outdoor eatery, picnic area, ATM, outdoor dog kennels, Maine Hunting and Fishing Licenses, Maine ATV and Snowmobile Registration, Maine Milfoil Sticker, and bike and ski Tune-Ups.

Sports Gear

If you are traveling to Maine in the hopes of doing some real outdoor sporting activities, the Kittery Trading Post of Main is the perfect place to stop and make sure you have every lost odd and end you’ll need for a successful trip. Whether you’re heading out fishing and need some tackle or a license, or are in need of a few more rounds of ammo for your hunting trip, you’ll find everything you need here. Similarly, if you are here to enjoy the snow, stop by for that extra layer of socks, or to get your skis waxed and sharpened for your first run of the year!


If you’re not particularly outdoorsy, or perhaps you just aren’t in desperate need of anything on this trip to Maine, then you’ll love browsing the large clothing department carrying everything from insulating layers, to stylish sporty apparel. If you’re in the market for a new pair of trail running shoes, or perhaps a nice watch to time your runs, you’ll love the selection here at the Kittery Trading Post of Maine.