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Where to Go to Enjoy Maine Lobster Season

Maine Lobster SeasonWhen you think about Maine, many things may come to your mind.  Depending on where in Maine you’re thinking about, you could picture moose or lush green forests.  If you’re thinking of the coast and Maine tourism, then you’ll definitely picture rocky shorelines, lighthouses, seaside villages, and best of all… lobster! Maine lobster season is a wonderful time of year when the people of Maine take to the sea to catch its most delicious inhabitant.  When you come to Dockside Guest Quarters this summer, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to enjoy Maine lobster season and the bounty it brings.

When is Peak Lobster Season in Maine?

While the stalwart fisherman of Maine can be found lobstering pretty much year round, peak Maine lobster season is between late June and late December.  That period is when the lobsters are most active.  There are actually several types of lobsters that can be caught off the coast of Maine.  These varieties include soft shell lobsters, which are caught in summer and hard shell lobsters that can be caught year-round, but see higher numbers in the summer due to demand and nicer conditions. The latest trend in Maine lobster season prices is up, as global climate change is affecting when lobsters are maturing, the effects of which we first started to see in lobster season of 2015.

Maine Lobster Season Activities

If you want to get in on the action of Maine lobster season, then you can go on a lobster cruise.  Veteran fishermen will take you out to get hands on experience in catching lobster.  Nearby charters include Kylie’s Chance Scenic Lobster Tour, which will show you the ins and outs of lobstering as well as providing beautiful views of the coast. This trip is an hour and a half. Another option is Finestkind Scenic Cruises’ Lobstering Trip, which travels along the coast of Ogunquit.  See traps being hauled with accompanying expert commentary on the finer points of the process and the lobster’s habitat.

Where to Enjoy Maine Lobster

If you’re looking for somewhere to have a lobster roll or another dish made with fresh Maine lobster, then you will find no shortage of lunch Maine lobster shacks dotting the Maine coast.  However, if you’re looking for Maine lobster restaurants, be sure to visit the Dockside Restaurant, where you’ll find lobster dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients possible.  We favor local and organic fare in our kitchen, and it makes a big difference.  You’ll be able to choose from entrees like our Lobster and Cheese Panini, Classic Lobster Roll, Maine Lobster served two ways at lunch and our Drunken Lobster Sauté, or fresh Maine Lobster served two ways at dinner. You may also enjoy an appetizer of Lobster Bisque Shots! While you’re enjoying the fruits of Maine lobster season, you’ll have unparalleled views of the water from our dining room.

Another great opportunity to enjoy amazing Maine lobster is to visit the Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland. The Maine Lobster Festival is held each August, and is a 2-hour drive away from Dockside Guest Quarters in York, Maine. It’s a perfect day trip for the biggest fans of our most famous crustaceans.

And when you stay in one of our accommodations, you’ll never be too far away from the best things about Maine lobster season.  The guest rooms and suites at our waterfront Maine bed and breakfast are all furnished in classic New England style and offer the utmost in comfort and amenities.  And our great location on the water not only provides great views, but we’re conveniently near all of the great things York and York Harbor have to offer! When you choose our York, ME guest quarters, you’ll be in a prime position to have a wonderfully memorable getaway to the Maine coast! We can’t wait to see you soon!

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