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Why You Need to See Beautiful Mount Agamenticus

Hikers on Mount Agamenticus

Spend your time in Maine seeking adventure at Mount Agamenticus. From hiking to biking, there is plenty to see and do around this magnificent area.

About Mount Agamenticus

The conservation region that surrounds and includes Mount Agamenticus is 10,000 acres of pure beauty. It is also one of the largest and most remarkable undeveloped forests in coastal New England. Whether you stop by this area for the fabulous view, or to partake in their plethora of recreational activities, you will enjoy your visit.

Mount Agamenticus Hiking

The land around Mount Agamenticus is comprised of a unique and precious coastal forest that covers a large part of Southern Maine. There are plenty of trails throughout the land for all kind of activities including hiking, biking, and sightseeing. Whether you’re searching for that incredible scenic shot or some premium outdoor activity, Mt. Agamenticus has it all. As you’re traveling through the gorgeous landscape, make sure to take it all in and understand why this area of Maine is so special. To keep these trails special for many visitors to come, make sure to abide by all signs and postings throughout your hike. The rules of the area are simple and as follows, do not litter, trash bins are not provided, respect the trails and others on them, stay on the trails, don’t disturb the wetlands and vernal pools, do not collect or damage any of the land or life on the land, no camping, no campfires, pets must be leashed, and more. Make sure to visit their website before visiting to ensure you are following all of the pre-set guidelines correctly. The area is open year-round from dawn until dusk so start planning your trip today.

Mount Agamenticus Mountain Biking

If you’re in the mood for something more adventurous, make sure to check out their designated biking trails. All of the rules apply for all of the trails so stick to your path and respect the land around you. There is potential that hikers and sightseers will be using the same routes as bikers, so make sure to be cautious and respectful of others. There are currently six different biker-friendly trails including The BIG A, Fisher Trail, Witch Hazel, Sweet Fern, Ring Trail, and Goosefoot. They all range in difficulty and length so during the planning process be sure to pick the best fit for you.

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