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All of Our Favorite Things to Do on the New Hampshire Coast

The Scenic New Hampshire CoastThe New Hampshire coast is riddled with gorgeous scenic views and Northeastern nuances. From the 1940s-style boardwalk at Hampton Beach to the iconic covered wagon at Wagon Hill Farm in Durham, many of the  attractions are historic and memorable, offering an inside look into the past of the New Hampshire coast. Only 18 miles long, the coastline is great for scenic driving, biking, or even hiking, and all your must-see items are scattered along the way.

Historic Attractions Along the New Hampshire Coast

There are many historic sites along the New Hampshire Coast, and Wagon Hill Farm in Durham is one of them. The preserved 130-acre plot off Route 4, marked by a covered wagon atop the hill, has spectacular sunset views as well as several trails for hiking and cross-country skiing. It is even a popular site for sledding during the winter. Over in Portsmouth Harbor, the Fort Constitution ruins stand as a monument from the American Revolution. Attacked in the first battle of the war in 1774, the fort now houses the U.S. Coast Guard Station as well as a landmark lighthouse. Another historic site in Portsmouth, NH, is the oldest neighborhood in New Hampshire, centered around Strawbery Banke. The Moffat-Ladde House on Market Street is a living museum from 1763, with period furnishings and an adjoining garden.

Beach Life on the Coast

New Hampshire beach towns are great vacation destinations. Hampton Beach offers opportunities for both day and evening. From sunbathing and swimming in the sunshine to hitting the strip’s nightlife, it has a little bit of something for everyone. With a bathhouse and a lifeguard on duty, North Beach is a great place for swimming. It also has coastal charm perfect for a picnic lunch with someone special. Wallis Sands State Beach is a quieter alternative for families that still has amenities such as a snack bar, beach shops, and a bathhouse as well as dressing rooms and showers. Whatever beach scene you choose, the serene landscape will be sure to capture your heart.

Wining & Dining

Waterfront dining opportunities abound on the New Hampshire coast. In historic Merchants Row lies the Oar House just off Portsmouth Harbor, while the Dolphin Striker serves traditional New England cuisine. The Purple Urchin hosts special events, such as Wednesday night fireworks, daily lunch specials, and mini-golf lunch combos. An unusual dining experience awaits with The Gundalow Company, which offers dining aboard a gundalow, a cargo ship that resembles a barge. The history of these vessels goes back to the 1600, when they were propelled by poles and oars. 

For some locally crafted brews, make your way to the Redhook Brewery in Portsmouth, which is attached to the Cataqua Public House and a seasonal outdoor beer garden for your beverage enjoyment. Both a winery and distillery, the Flag Hill Winery Lee is part of over 20 acres of in-town vineyards. Private tours are available with advance notice.

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