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What Will You See at the Warner House in Portsmouth NH?

Warner House in Portsmouth NH

For interesting history and stories from the past, Portsmouth is a great place to start! More specifically, places like the Warner House in Portsmouth NH invite you to take a step back into the past. The house from 1716 is over 300 years old, has seen six generations, and stands as a bastion of Georgian architecture and Portsmouth history. So, when you’re in the area, be sure to stop by the Warner House in Portsmouth NH. Here’s what you’ll see there!

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The Wonders of the Warner House in Portsmouth NH


Did you know that the Warner House in Portsmouth NH is the earliest known urban brick house in New England? The early-Georgian architecture is iconic with its center hall arch and paneled interior. The walls are two-and-a-half feet wide and made with local bricks. If you look carefully, you may find bricks that are stamped “NH” demarking every 1,000th brick in the brickmaking process. When it comes to the roof, the gambrel-style roof is not original. Initially, the double-pitch style roof capped the house, but it didn’t take long to fail under the snow and ice of a New England winter. As one of the most impressive structures in New England at its time, the Warner House influenced architecture in Portsmouth for years to come.


Within the walls of the Warner House, murals painted in 1718 adorn the interior. These four murals are thought to be the earliest Anglo-American wall paintings in America. That makes a visit to the Warner House even more unique if you love art and history, in particular. In addition to the historical importance of the murals, there’s also an element of mystery to them. Two scenes from the paintings are identified and the other two are not certain. To add to the intrigue, it’s not definitive who was the artist. Come, visit these murals and develop your own theory on their origin!

Collections and Artifacts

The Warner House in Portsmouth NH is a fantastic example of 18th Century life in New England. Thanks to the donations of family mementos and artifacts from extended family and regional museums, there are plenty of incredible artifacts in the house’s collection. Perhaps the most cherished artifact is a portrait of Mary “Polly” Warner, the daughter of Jonathan Warner and his first wife, Mary Nelson. In addition to this portrait, you’ll discover personal items like clothing, a desk, and a library of books from the era. A Sherburne high chest offers a glimpse into early Portsmouth-made furniture, perhaps the earliest. The chest has an inscription from 1733, indicating it’s possibly the earliest known example of Queen Anne-style furniture made in America. In addition to heirlooms and artifacts, there are also many photos from the six generations who have lived in the house.

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