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Experience Wiggly Bridge in Maine in More Than One Way

wiggly bridge in maine

One of the most iconic man-made features of the York area takes on a few different expressions here in this seacoast vacation destination. The Wiggly Bridge in Maine is both a beautiful crossing in Steedman Woods and the moniker of a local distillery you’ve got to visit. When you come to York, a visit to both is in order! So, why is the Wiggly Bridge in Maine so worthy of your visit? We’ll tell you that and how you can get a taste of its spirit, too!

There are many fantastic ways to enjoy the York area, and southern Maine is full of memorable experiences just waiting for you to have them. 

How to Experience the Wiggly Bridge in Maine on Foot

The short and scenic walk along the Steedman Woods walking loop has all the views you’d want from a local causeway. Highlighting the path is the Wiggly Bridge! Built in the 1930s, the miniature suspension bridge transports you across the tidal flow from Barrel Mill Pond to the York River. In fact, it’s the smallest suspension bridge in the United States! The path the bridge is on is only a little over a mile long, making it the perfect quick hike. And, after you walk through the woods, stop by the old Marshall Store where you’ll find the work of local artists and artisans on display and for sale.

Location: Old Mill Road, York Harbor, Maine

Resources: None

Parking: Limited spaces by the side of the road opposite

Rules: Walkers stay on the path, do not remove any wild items, avoid littering. No picnicking or bicycles.

Dogs: On leash only, curb all dogs.

How to Experience the Wiggly Bridge in a Glass

Some of the best whiskey in the region is produced right here in York! At the Wiggly Bridge Distillery, you’ll find six great spirits: White Whiskey, White Rum, Small Barrel Bourbon, Small Barrel Rum, Vodka, and Gin. Every ounce of these drinks is handmade by the Woods family in small batches. Plus, you can find great drink recipes on Wiggly Bridge’s website, like the York & Stormy (a bourbon and ginger ale concoction), or the Bridge Bloody, their take on a Bloody Mary, made with the distillery’s White Whiskey!

Enjoy the Best of York

When you visit York, the Wiggly Bridge is one of those small experiences that gets told in every vacation story. Take home a bottle of whiskey and you’ll have something to remember it by for a long time! Are you ready for a vacation to York? Browse the beautiful rooms and suites at Dockside Guest Quarters for the best stay. You’ll love the spacious, cozy comfort our quarters provide.