The Dockside Guest Quarters and Restaurant grew out of humble beginnings as a small marina and guest house. In 1953, David Lusty purchased Harris Island — complete with a dilapidated 15-room house, circa 1891 — to build and operate a marina. During the summer of 1954, Harriette Sibley arrived on the scene to assist the growing business. She survived the summer and married David the next year.

Becoming a Maine Resort


Visiting yachtsmen would often inquire about accommodations and hot showers ashore in the large house overlooking the harbor. After several lodging requests, David and Harriette decided to renovate the house and turn it into yachtsmen’s quarters. This was such a hit that people were soon coming by car to stay on Harris Island. Over the next 20 years, the Lustys would have four sons and add a 90-seat restaurant and 4 multi-unit buildings to the property — bringing the room total to 25.

The Next Generation

The Dockside is now in its second generation of Lusty family management after David and Harriette Lusty guided and nurtured their creationpic_history_b for 35 years. The third generation is not far behind, on any given day you will see the second and third generation working in all facets of the family business.

Lodging – Eric & Carol Lusty

The lodging is now managed by second son Eric and his wife Carol. They have been at the helm 27 years. They have three sons; Harrison, Connor, and Ryan. Carol came to Maine to teach school after graduating from Radford College in southwestern Virginia. Eric holds a Coast Guard license for navigating large ocean-going ships that he obtained while at Marine Maritime Academy. Before innkeeping, they both worked for Cruise International, a Norfolk, Virginia-based harbor cruise ship operator.

Dining – Philip & Anne Lusty

The Dockside Restaurant is operated by third son Philip and his wife, Anne. They have two children; Meghan and Andrew. Philip and Anne have been managing the restaurant for 22 years. Philip earned his B.S. in Food, Hotel & Tourism from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Following graduation, Philip was hired by Hilton Hotels and relocated to Westchester County, N.Y. were he worked his way to Director of Catering. It was during this tenure in N.Y. he met Anne, who is a graduate of Siena College with a B.S. in marketing and has subsequently has earned her M.B.A. from Franklin & Pierce College. Anne too was employed by Hilton Hotels as a Director of Catering in Danbury Ct., a competing hotel! Now they are on the same team and have used their combined experience to develop a wonderful a la carte dining and catering operation.